For women in the prime of life, who have the experience and the family, but don't feel like you have the life you are capable of...

Why aren't you a priority?
Could you be causing your own setbacks?
As women, we have a tendency to encourage others but shame ourselves. We tend to dwell in fear more than we embrace our strength and take the courageous next step towards living out our dreams. 

If you've been living life on repeat for quite a while, approaching the mid-stage of life, you have two options. 1. Keep doing what you've done and just hope things will work out. OR 2. Make a change and set the doubt aside as you consider what is possible when you start believing in yourself. 

If you're ready for a change, request a consult now and we'll explore what's going on in your life and take an honest look at where you want to go from here. 
Why coach with Stefanie?
As your coach, I serve as your "mirror" – helping you acknowledge what you truly think about yourself, how you treat yourself, and help you decide where you want to go from here. I call this the A.C.E. Method and it can help you transform your life and stop putting yourself and your dreams on the back-burner. 
Find how to come to terms with the circumstances and people around you, while taking ownership for the one thing you can control - YOU.
Discover what you want to do and how you will move forward by taking action rather than just dreaming about the life you want.
Learn to give yourself the authority to move forward in your life with confidence and determination to live your life to the fullest.
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