Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

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Hi, I’m Stefanie.

After years of working one-to-one with solepreneurs I noticed a trend – working alone, without the support of a company and team, left many intelligent,  highly-capable women struggling to believe in themselves. They questioned their ability to succeed despite the best laid plans. And no matter the marketing tactic or additional training acquired, they often found themselves wrestling to move forward because of self-judgment, doubt, and negative thoughts. 
That’s when I decided to offer my clients more than just marketing support. I enrolled in the coach certification program from The Life Coach School and invested in becoming the lifeline I believed female solopreneurs needed. Now as a certified life coach, I help women, just like you, overcome the judgmental thoughts, the doubt, the endless questioning and critique to start believing you can (and will) make a difference.
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Because we were meant for more.

We are meant to leave a legacy.