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How does the coaching program work?

We will meet virtually once a week for your private, one-hour sessions. We focus in on whatever sector of the OUT Method you need help with that week. The sessions can build upon each other as we dive deep through a particular area, or they can be uniquely focused each and every session (and of course a mix in between). 
The point is, you have a coach serving as a support system, helping you to take notice of the unworthy thoughts before they take control of your potential. 

When will I begin my coaching?

All new clients, will begin at the start of your assigned month. This allows for us to come together as a co-hort for our onboarding group call. This is our time to review the OUT Method, get clear on your reason for coaching, and solidify your commitment to do the work.

The added bonus of group coaching

We then continue to offer group coaching sessions each month of your six month program to enhance your learning, help you apply the concepts more deeply, and offer accountability with your peers. So much amazing goodness can come from hearing how your peers express their concerns. It can open your mind to another way of viewing the problem or seeing what else is possible.

For clarification: your weekly sessions are private. These group calls will be inclusive of your co-hort (group who enrolled at the start of the month of your enrollment).

What is the outcome of coaching with Stefanie using The OUT Method?

The results vary by individual and how much you are willing to invest in yourself. Meaning, that our weekly calls are not enough to get you the transformation you desire. You have to be willing to do the thought work throughout the week, between our sessions, and keep applying yourself to your commitment, in order to see lasting change.

When you do remain focused and committed you will likely become a woman who has learned how to control her own thoughts instead of her thoughts controlling her (if we stopped right here, your time and money would be well spent!).

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