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indulging in negativity

Are you stuck indulging in negative emotions?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with all you have to get done? Or stressed about what happening or not happening around you? Do you feel anxiety trying to finish a project? 

These type of negative emotions come up when we start to push ourselves in new directions. Like when we are developing a new skill, working through a new project, tackling a new goal, our brain is pushed in a new direction and it presents as worry, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. 

What happens when we fail to acknowledge our emotions and what triggered them, is we begin to indulge in these emotions. Instead of feeling them and then moving past them, we let them continue to hang out and become a part of daily routine. 

Which as you can imagine, doesn’t yield very many positive results. 

Let’s imagine the following setting. You are enrolled in a small class. You are learning a new subject and are looking forward to the process. But as you go about your process of learning, you encounter your three fellow students who are taking this journey with you. 

First we have Student A. Student A is encouraging and easy to get along with. Student A keeps you in check with your to-do list and you feel inspired when working with Student A. 

Then there is Student B. Fun to be around and a great conversationalist, Student B actually proves to be a distraction quite often and you find yourself making less progress when with Student B. 

Lastly, you have Student C who is a bit of a know-it-all. So much so that you often find any new insights and ideas you have get shot down for the same ol’ same ol’. Student C is not open to change and you tend to experience feelings of discouragement when working with Student C. 

If your goal is to learn something new, and progress forward, then obviously Student C is a major barrier to making that happen. Even Student B can be a deterrent as your attention gets divided and you don’t focus enough. 

So in this example, it makes sense that you should spend as much time with Student A to get your work done, and remain positive about learning in this class. 

Can you see that objectively? 

I like this example and thinking of a scenario that involved people, because people are real – tangible beings. Not like how most of us view our thoughts. 

But your thoughts are real and just like the people in this example, they have an equal power over how you move along in life. 

The sad reality is that for most people when we are trying to learn something new we would let the negative thoughts equivalent to Student C, hang around far too often. We would find ourselves riddled with indecision, self-doubt, overwhelm, etc. 

Or we would allow distractions to keep us from taking action – that’s Student B.

And we keep on keeping on lost in this cycle, usually until we give up or move on to the next thing. 

This is what I mean by indulging in negative emotions. 

While it is fresh on your mind, why don’t you pause to consider if any of these negative emotions are coming up in your life and how often you are indulging in them. To help you out, consider this list:

  • Confusion about which direction to take 
  • Worry about making a choice 
  • Anxiety about what could happen 
  • Doubt about your abilities 
  • Overwhelm over what needs to get done 
  • Stress about your situation 
  • Victimizing yourself for what you have been through 

Did any of these resonate with you? 

Although these are all valid feelings and a part of our human experience, we do not have to choose to indulge in them, making ourselves victim to their stronghold. Instead, we can learn to feel them, acknowledge their presence, and then work to change our thoughts so that we can move on without them. 

This is much better than continuing to hang out with Student C and allowing the negativity to validate what you are feeling, which keeps the whole miserable cycle playing on repeat. 

In closing, I encourage you to write down all the negative emotions that you are feeling. This will help you to look at them and acknowledge them in your life. Then you can decide if you want to move on with them or let them go. 

If you need help working through that process, visit and reserve a coaching session. It is one of the best experiences I have ever been through, to have someone objectively help me reflect on my thoughts and feelings and help me see what’s causing my results. Eye-opening! 

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