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Yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I caught the post of FitRockerChick. I wanted to share with you the thought that she shared from one of her recent team meetings. Her response is a prime example of allowing your thoughts to set your intention. 

This is her message word for word:

On a call with my Team this morning, one of my girls said “with all the uncertainty in the world right now”… To which I replied “what uncertainty?! Our lives have NEVER been certain, and our lives will NEVER be certain. Every day for always, some people will live through it and some people won’t. 

I realize that most people act like they’re guaranteed tomorrow, but the truth is… nothing is any more uncertain right now than it always has been. We’ve never known what the future holds. We’ve never been in control of anything besides our mind and our actions. The people we love the most have never been guaranteed their next breath, and neither are we. 

It’s ALWAYS been a risk to exist in this world, it’s always been a risk to leave the house, and just like always… we don’t get to choose when or how we go to meet Jesus. The gift the world has been given in this current season is being faced with their own mortality… but life has always been and will always be this precious and delicate.” 

DO NOT waste this time being afraid! What is there to be afraid of that isn’t there every other day of our lives?! If this was your last day, what would you do or say?

What would you wish you had done or said?

What would you regret?

How would you wish you had lived?

THOSE are the things you should spend this time thinking about. Because all of this is going to blow over, and when it does, I want you to LIVE.

Y’all I 100% embrace and support this message. This is the truth I want to have in my own life. I remind myself of the scripture, Proverbs 27:1 – Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

We do not know that our days our guaranteed ever. Whether you believe in God or not, we all know that our lives our vulnerable and at some point they will end. 

To live in fear. To live in lock-down as to ceasing to produce, to exist, to serve, to give, to prosper, to love, etc. is a foolish waste of your time. And I fear that some are wasting their days during the virus outbreak. 

How could you use this time to conquer something you have always wanted to do? 

Lose the weight. Do the workout. Learn the language. Read that book. Read the Good Book. Pray. Channel your thoughts. Or whatever. But don’t get lost in despair and don’t throw out your days as wasteful just because you didn’t get to leave the house today. How can you make more of your days now that you don’t have to leave the house? Think of all the time you have regrouped by not commuting. That time alone adds an hour or more to your day most likely.  How can you benefit from that extra time? 

I challenge you to do two things in this coming week. 

  1. I want to share with you an incredible thought I heard from one of my coach trainers, Stacey Boehman. She shared on her podcast the idea that your thoughts are like people you invite to a party. If you throw a party you want to invite people that you enjoy hanging out with. You do not want to invite people who drag you down and ruin the good vibes. So why would you keep hanging on to thoughts that distress you, hurt you, tear you down? Don’t invite them to your thought party. And if they do show up, you greet them and move on. Don’t let them dominate your time. And ruin all the fun. 

Life is not always great, fun, and enjoyable, but it is a gift and it is our choice to live it as such or to waste it and throw it away – by failing to live out each day as best we can – no matter the circumstances. 

Remember circumstances are just things. They only mean something if you attach a value to them. 

So to help encourage you and get you moving forward with action that is productive and fruitful, so you come out of this time feeling like you have accomplished more, become more, grown, developed or whatever you want, I am hosting a bookclub through one of my favorite books, Atomic habits. We are going to use our extra time to read this book, and process how it helps us to grow. 

And when we finish that one, I have another amazing winner lined up for you. For as long as it takes, we are going to fill our minds with good content that helps us make the most of our lives. 

Join me for the book club in the new Facebook group I created for us. Just look up Power Thinking Bliss group for the live discussions and book club conversations. 

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