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Take a real shower

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

“Ok, but if I take a shower, do I have to wash my body?”

This was the response I received from my child when I asked him for the third time to go take a shower. 

Immediately I found this comment hilarious because it struck me as an example of how we begrudgingly go through the motions sometimes without making an impact. 

Just like you might go through the motions of standing in the water – without applying the soap and doing the actual scrubbing to get clean. 

You might show up for an event but not actually take the action of engaging with anyone to make a difference for your business. 

You might do some busy work to feel productive throughout the day – checking emails, doing research, etc. but not actually producing a real impact. 

When my child tried to get out of taking a shower by opting to not wash his body, he wasn’t doing anything most of as adults don’t do regularly. He was just looking to satisfy my request without actually having to do the work. 

I know I have done that from time to time at work and in my own business building. How about you? 

There is a challenge to actually showing up and going all in. It requires extra effort. And for a host of reasons sometimes we don’t have the effort to give. 

But I want to challenge you today to:

  1. Look at time you are just standing in the water instead of taking an actual shower. How are you doing that in your work, business, or life? 
  2. When you find a time you have shown up but not given your actual effort, I want you to consider the impact it had on you. 
    1. Did you ride the experience off as wasted or did confess (even if only to yourself) that you didn’t apply the necessary effort? 
    2. Did you try to execute yourself or apply blame in some way? 
    3. Why didn’t you have 100% follow-thru? What was holding you back from doing it properly right from the start? 

Sometimes I have been to tired to do something. In that case I should have just rested and tried when I was more refreshed. I have gotten so much better about listening to my body and giving it the proper care and sleep it needs. The older I get the more I realize the importance of this. 

Sometimes I have not given my all because I didn’t believe in the cause. I might have been told or advised to do something and because I wanted to keep my commitment I did the thing, but because I didn’t believe in it I didn’t give it my full effort. Because then it allows me to come back and say, “See, it didn’t work.” 

But in all actuality, I don’t know if it worked or not because I didn’t apply the right effort to accurately test it. It would be like my child taking a shower because I tell him I want him to smell better. But then he only stands in the water instead of actually bathing, so when he gets out and doesn’t smell better, he could say, “See, showering doesn’t work. No point in taking a shower tomorrow.” 

That may make you chuckle hearing that now, but just take a moment to apply that to your own life. When have you behaved like that in your own life? When have you been advised to try something but you don’t give it your all and then you ride it off as not working? 

This lesson sticks so clearly in my mind, because it resonates so deeply for me. I’m a rule follower. I do the things I am advised or told to do. But I have to admit, there have been plenty of times, I don’t do them with the right gusto and effort to make an honest evaluation. I want out before I have to change my ways, prove something to myself or about myself, or validate some one else’s method. 

This is a risky tactic because rather than doing me any good, it actually hurts me. I don’t grow or succeed in the way I want because I wasn’t willing to apply the soap and lather up. 

I challenge you to go back and through those reflection questions and see for yourself where you’re not giving it your all. 

It’s time to get in the shower and actually wash. 

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