Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Your Return on Investment in Yourself


Investing in yourself is not the same as spending money. Let me give you a recent example that just happened to me.

On Thursday I spent $499 to invest in a new training program by one of my favorite trainers. This is the new version of a program I have done before but going through it again now that I have a foundational understanding, plus the advantage of consuming all the new insights and improved tips he has to offer, I feel confident I will not only make back my $499 but exceed that cost in revenue. I feel excited to make this purchase. It was a fantastic purchase experience because I felt really enthusiastic about all that I foresee happening to me as a result of this purchase and how I will show up to get my return on investment out of this purchase.

Now compare that purchase which was an investment in myself, to spending the same amount of money on groceries and supplies in the past 24 hours.

Given that I am not grocery shopping on a regular basis given the stay at home order, I buy in bigger amounts when I do venture out every other week. So this amount should take us through almost two weeks’ worth of food and supplies. But then it is gone.

My kid looked in the fridge just a few minutes ago and said, “Yes, this is what I like to see.” And I asked, “What’s that?” To which he responded, “A full fridge. This makes me happy.”

But let me tell you this, that happiness is momentary and quickly fleeting. With a house full of hungry people, that food will quickly be consumed and then I will have to make the purchase all over again. Although the food is vital for sustaining our life, it doesn’t yield me any positive return. I won’t make more money because of the food.

Do you see the difference between an investment and a purchase? When you are able to make a good and smart investment you can yield returns that exceed the amount of money spent. Sometimes just how you think about your investment, can yield you instant returns. When I make an investment in a new training I start brainstorming immediately on how I plan to use and implement this in my business. That brainstorming alone is setting me up for success, helping me move forward with my goals, and make me money. All because I am turned on to the possibilities of this investment.

The value you receive from your investment is determined by what it means to you. It is up to you to decide how valuable an investment is. And sometimes just because you make a bigger monetary investment in something, making a sacrifice to make the purchase, for example, creates more worth in your mind. When it takes a lot of sacrifices to have something, you appreciate it more, you treasure it, you make the most of it because you know what it took to have it in your life.

Are you grasping what that means?

Value is created from your thoughts, and sometimes your thoughts can be prompted to create more value just because of how much you spent on something.

To me, the return on investment has to be greater than the value of the investment in order for me to rest peacefully – thinking all is well. I want to know that the money I spent on something yield me not only my money back, but far more.

I am happy to report that in my life I have been able to make this a reality. Every training course or certification that I have paid for has brought back the money I paid and then some. But the free trainings I have signed up, some I never even took, some I checked in on a time or two, but then forgot about or made the excuse I was too busy.

During the start of the pandemic, multiple courses and trainings suddenly became available for free or at heavily discounted rates to give back to the community. I signed up for free guitar lessons. Although excited, I have yet to take one. I meant to register for a free marketing training, but forgot, even though I knew it was worth $400. I have signed up for far too many online summits hosted by amazing leaders offering great insights. I have consumed about five hours of videos but no nearly as much as what is being offered.

Why can’t I get focused on all these free items? Because I am so busy applying the principles from my other trainings in my current work and using all my free time to work through a paid training program I am currently in. The money I am spending on that is driving me to action because I know I want to yield my investment back – and then some.

Investing in yourself matters when you make it matter. Set your intention to find, recover, and exceed the initial cost and you will yield great value from your investments.

Not to mention the growth, shift, and/or improvements you will personally experience as a result. Those type of benefits are close to priceless!