Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

How to remain accountable and stomp out self-doubt

Episode 11

What do you do when you are working on a project or trying to hit a goal and self-doubt or insecurity creeps in? When you start to feel vulnerable or not good enough to complete your task, what do you do – or not do for that matter?

For some people, they totally give up, walk away, postpone, make excuses. Why? Because their unworthy thoughts creep in and the feelings that linger as a result are too overwhelming that they give up rather than push through those.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those feelings can be really powerful and the force can make you want to curl up in bed and be alone in your misery.

Maybe sometimes you even need to give in to that and allow yourself to feel sad, upset or rattled for a bit. But you don’t have to stay there.

Don’t let your great ideas, the genuine value you have to bring to the world get stifled and lost to insecurity and self-doubt. Instead of turning back to life as usual, where you don’t have to feel pushed and challenged to grow, learn how to move through these negative emotions and the thoughts that create them. Here are three foundations you should put in place immediately – before you even need them before you get started, so you have them when you need them.

  1. You need to learn to journal your thoughts
  2. You need to establish accountability with yourself
  3. You need to establish accountability with others

Alright, here’s some more info on each of these must-haves.

It takes training to learn how to hear a negative, unworthy thought. They creep in your mind all the time, throughout the day on a regular basis. It is how we are hard-wired as humans. And because we get comfortable the way we are, our mind will give us excuses why change is hard, why we are okay the way we are, why we don’t need to push forward.

So if you are going to learn how to overcome those unworthy thoughts, you must first be aware that you are having them. Practice by implementing a daily routine of dumping all your thoughts out onto paper. Don’t try to make it pretty – this is not a Dear Diary post, this is just a thought dump of what comes up for you. No matter how ugly the thought, how embarrassed you are that you had it, write it down.

Then read it back to yourself, see it as a real thing. This is an actual thought that you had. Hear how it sounds, consider why you thought it, and now what you are going to do with it.

Always begin with your thoughts. Because your thoughts will give you grounds to set accountability with yourself.

Accountability with yourself means that you honor your word, you keep your commitments to yourself. This has to do with your to-do list. If you say you are going to do something for yourself, for your business today, you do it! That simple and that challenging! Often times we push the things for ourselves – even for our personal business – to the side to accommodate others. Or we willingly allow distractions to pop up to provide us an excuse to not fulfill our commitments.

This is why beginning with your thought download, seeing the excuses you made, hearing your thoughts, is so important if you are going to learn how to keep your word to yourself.

In other words, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to fulfilling and honoring your personal commitments. And that is why step three is critical to lasting success. Enlisting an outside source to hold you accountable – is the transformational change that really gets a lot of people turning dreams into reality.

Do you see why? Because it helps you get out of your own head, helps you move past your own self-sabotage, because now others are calling you out, holding you responsible, pushing you forward, helping you carry the burden until you feel strong enough to do it on your own.

For 19 years I have done marketing services for companies and individuals. When a part of the company we have so many factors in place to hold us responsible for our work that most people do okay. But when I moved to work with solo business owners, new entrepreneurs who had only themselves to show up for, to hold themselves accountable, I noticed how many of them struggled to keep moving forward.

The unworthy thoughts crept in and the pressure sometimes became too much and they gave up on their dreams. After witnessing them a few times, I saw the patterns emerging and knew I wanted to do something more than just offer marketing direction to help these clients (and all my future ones to come).

Investing in myself I enrolled in an amazing life coach training program. Becoming a certified life coach gave me the tools to help others look at the thoughts that were coming up, to see how it was their unworthy thoughts that were preventing them from moving forward. And I have since gone on to develop a coaching and accountability program that helps new entrepreneurs, course developers, and solo business owners, achieve their dreams of launching an online business.

For more help on how to implement the three principles covered in today’s podcast into your life, through coaching and accountability support visit As a part of Marketing Launch Society you will learn how to look at, examine, and move forward from your unworthy thoughts to achieve your marketing goals.