Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Hard Choices

How do you make the tough decisions in life?

You know the major decisions that no matter which way you choose there will be an impact in your life. How do you prepare for, lean into, and process making those decisions?

Although I like to consider myself someone of strength and action, there are times that making tough decisions – is challenging to me.

But here’s the thing, our mind, if we are not careful can make the decisions we have to make so much harder.

When we attach pressure on a decision – like labeling it a hard choice, or a difficult choice, we make it harder to choose. Because it becomes heavier.

If we attach a story to the decision as far as what we think the outcome will or won’t do for us, what will happen when make this choice, etc. We find ourselves riddled sometimes with indecision and added pressure.

The fact of the matter is, and I am speaking this today as much for myself, as I am for you, the decision in and of itself is neutral.

How do I know? Because when I take myself out of the decision – when I remove my emotional viewpoint and look at it from an outside observer’s perspective, they may look at my choice as a no-brainer.

They may think it is really easy and obvious. Or they might think its life-shattering. Whatever they think shows me that since someone else can have another viewpoint, there are options around my choice that I can lean into.

Thus I don’t have to make the decision as hard as I originally thought. I can seek coaching or a friendly ear to help me see clarity around my choices.

The other thing I want to offer here to help, is that for me, I have seen that leaning in, to make a decision sooner, rather than later, also helps me to process. The longer I drag out a decision, the more weight I am adding to it. The more pressure I feel, the harder it becomes. But if I just move forward with my best decision and then keep moving forward from there, that has always proven to be the best approach for me.