Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

“Have To” Do Something

Whatever you are thinking about your offer, your marketing launch, your business, yourself…it true for you.

If you think that you can’t, you won’t. 

If you think it’s not possible, it won’t be. 

If you think it’s too hard, too challenging, too complicated, it will be.

I worked with a client recently who compared her business to someone else’s and felt that since live video had worked so well for the other company, she HAD to do live video in her business.

The way she stated it to me was, “I have to start using live video in my business. I have to if I want to reach more people.  If I am going to ever be an influencer, I have to use live video.”

Repeatedly she said she had to and she said it with a lot of pressure on herself. It felt so heavy just the way she said it, that I could hear how it was emotionally draining her. But me seeing it, isn’t going to solve anything.

She has to see if for herself if she is going to be able to move past this negative thought and make progress.

So we kept talking and I let her tell me all the things that were causing her frustration and all the reasons why she felt she wasn’t accomplishing the live video.

Here’s the interesting thing as she continued explaining it just got heavier. She also said,

“I joined a stupid live video training course and I haven’t been able to apply that.”

“I am constantly interrupted by my family being at home so I can’t get on live video.”

“I have no idea what I would talk about.”

“I have a daily goal to shoot live video and a partner holding me accountable but every day I keep not doing it and it makes me dread it more.”

Do you hear all the negativity?

None of these thoughts were benefiting her and her progress. But we began by talking about what her first statement about having to shoot live video was doing to her. We discovered how it made her feel and no surprise she said she felt pressured.

She was pinning herself into an ideal that didn’t fit her current desires or business. She was trying to mimimic other businesses and it didn’t feel authentic to her. When we explored her thoughts and saw what it was doing to her feelings and actions, she could finally see the dreadful cycle her thoughts were causing her. And day in and day out it continued to get worse.

Her light bulb moment was when she said, “I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel.” When she said that I told her she just struck gold and she just looked at me confused. I helped her see that she knew what this was doing to her but didn’t know how to stop it. Because her mind had tricked her into believing that the only way she would have success was to be someone who shot daily live videos.

Can you relate to the pressure my client was feeling? Are you feeling this in some way in your business?

Pinning yourself to the corner. Putting undue stress or pressure on yourself – thinking that will be the magic ticket to moving you forward rarely works past a short term burst of energy – if you are lucky enough to get that. Most people – just the like the client in this instance, needed grace to make her own choices, not feel pressured to show up like another business.

She needed to make her own business model that worked for her and her creative juices. But first she had to believe that it was possible for her way – her choices – to be good enough.

Your thoughts – what you think inside of your powerhouse brain – are controlling you. Either positive or negative or all the thoughts in between.

What you think about yourself, your business, and your marketing efforts, will indeed shape your outcome.

We become our thoughts. Why?

Because your thoughts create your feelings. Now hang with me, don’t stop paying attention just because I said FEELINGS. Let’s talk this through.

Your thoughts create your feelings. What does that mean?

If you feel like you can’t create the right offer, you feel disappointment, frustration, etc. This could lead you to a lack of creativity or looping on repeat messing around with offer messages.

But if you learned how to shift your thinking, believe in what is possible, you could change how you feel. Maybe you now feel curious to test out a new message and you go do it. Maybe you feel inspired and you go create a new offer. Maybe you feel confident and you make that launch.

Our feelings precede our actions and our actions are what create our results.

So if you want new results in your life, if you want to have better outcomes in your marketing launch and your business, you first have to work through the thoughts that start it all.

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