Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Experiencing Vulnerability

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When I coach someone who isn’t taking action on something new in their life – whether this is:

  • A new goal they are striving for 
  • A business launch 
  • A new challenge 
  • A new way of showing up in life 
  • Developing a new belief pattern 

When we set out to do something new in our lives – something that is pushing our boundaries, requiring us to be and do something we haven’t done before, there is often a feeling of vulnerability that comes up. 

And vulnerability – when we are unaccustomed to that feeling – doesn’t feel great. 

  • It makes us sweat with anxiety. 
  • It makes us nervous with the impression of others. 
  • It makes us question our plan. 
  • It stops us, far too often, from taking action. 

Think about a time you have felt vulnerable, what did it make you do or not do? 

Sometimes the worst thing vulnerability does to us, is it makes us stop taking action at all. We just stop and don’t do anything. 

We pull back the reigns and come to a halt because that allows us to relieve the uncomfortableness that vulnerability causes. When we feel that release of pressure, stress, unease, we can relax and pick up life or business as usual. 

And that my friends, is why so many people never hit their goals, never make the shift in their jobs or business, never break the habit or lose the weight, etc. It’s just easier to stay where they are. 

If you want to achieve something new in your life you have to come to terms with accepting vulnerability. Figuring out how it will feel and acknowledging that it is just a feeling. Say it to yourself, vulnerability is just a feeling. I may feel uncomfortable but it can’t actually harm me. I can pass through vulnerability on my way to achieving my result and I will grow through that process. 

I once went to Rock City in Chattanooga Tennessee. They have this extensive wooden bridge you can cross to get to the other side of the mountain. Doing so challenges me on so many levels. First and foremost, I am really afraid of heights. I go weak and nauseous physically. Then there is the unease of crossing on a wooden bridge that moves as you walk. Being suspended up in air, putting myself in an extreme case of vulnerability to fall to my immediate death. The fear of falling as I envision what that will be like comes up in my mind. 

Even though I have stood on the side and watched others make the journey and survive, I still have to make the conscious decision for myself that this is something I want to put myself through. That this experience is one I want to endure, no matter how uncomfortable in order to pass to the other side and achieve what comes with being over there. 

I think of vulnerability that I feel taking on a new challenge, making a new offer in my practice, doing something different in my business, as this bridge. Vulnerability is just an uncomfortable, shaky bridge I have to cross in order to get from where I am now in this moment to where I want to be in the future. 

And when I look at it like that, I make the decision if I am ready, if I am willing, and if I am determined to move forward. 

I challenge you to find your visual to connect to vulnerability. Putting a visual to an emotion helps you to acknowledge it and when you can acknowledge it you can call it out, deal with it, and decide how to process from there. 

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