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How to make the most of your coaching sessions

Life coach Stefanie Edwards

It is always within your power to have an amazing coaching session 

What does it take to ensure you get the most out of your coaching sessions – no matter the type of coaching? 

Follow these three foundations to maximize your results.

1. How you make your investment 

Making the most of your coaching sessions begins when you decide to hire your coach. That initial choice is the foundation of your success because it determines which direction your mind is headed. 

If you begrudgingly enroll in coaching after fussing over the cost and going back and forth with your coach about what you will get out of each session and how they should be grateful you are making this huge sacrifice to buy coaching from them, I can almost guarantee you are never going to have the best result possible. You are looking at the sessions all wrong right from the beginning. You are putting the responsibility for your success in the hands of the coach, not in your own power. You are upset of the cost so you are not coming in seeing value, instead you are showing up in every session seeking value. Did I get my money’s worth? Trying to justify the time spent coaching, the results earned, with a monetary value, is challenging. In the big scheme of things you will see a direct return on investment, but session by session it is harder to equate the exchange of coaching with a monetary amount. 

Plus your mind isn’t focused on the work. 

If however, you invest with positive energy, placing the value on yourself – “I am worth this coaching package. This will help me grow and develop.” There is a different attitude. You expect the return on investment to show up overtime not in each and every session. Some sessions move slower as it takes time to process your thoughts. Sometimes major break-thrus happen in one session alone. When working with your mind there is no rhyme or reason, no consistent pattern. When done well, a good coach will meet you where you are at for that day’s session, holding space to allow you to see your thoughts. 

2. Who you hold responsible for your results 

Here is what I find interesting about coaching…for the best results, YOU, not your coach, is responsible for the outcome. This was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. I just kept thinking that if I am investing in coaching, then the coach is the one responsible for delivering the results. Otherwise, I would just have the results on my own. But it is a catch 22 as people call it, I am incapable on my own of revealing and moving into the results. How do I know that’s the case? If you were capable, you would already have the desired outcome. 

So you need the coach to help you see your thoughts, and determine what is holding you back and how to move forward. To help you divine a plan of action and embrace your success. But no matter how much your coach tries, no matter how many amazing results your coach has had with other clients, unless you are open and willing to give it your all, to apply yourself and do the work to dig into your thoughts, you will never accomplish your goal. 

So in the end YOU are responsible for your results, your coach is just your guide (all be it an amazing guide) helping you get there. This is your life, your story. You are the hero who has to go make it happen, your coach is just the insightful guide helping you, encouraging you, pushing you to succeed. 

Still, struggling to grasp this idea? Think about the most amazing sports coaches you know. No matter how fantastic they are as a coach, it is still up to the players, each one individually and together as a team to implement the plays and score the points. The coach guides them, but they have to take action. 

3. What you believe is possible 

Do you believe that it is always within your power to have an amazing coaching session? What does it take for your belief to be fulfilled?

How do you need to show up? 

Are you clearing space in your schedule accordingly to keep your coaching session free from distractions? Do you show up on time? Do you protect the time before the session to help you get “in the zone” – even if it’s just five minutes before instead of rushing from one appointment right into the next. 

How can you come prepared to each session? What mental exercises do you go through to prepare?

What does it take for your coach to be a positive leader for you? Be open with your coach. If something is not setting right with you, talk it through. 

The more you coach, the more you will become aware of what works for you, what challenges you, and what isn’t right for your style. That’s all good info to share with your coach. The reason there are so many coaches available, is about more than just the demand, it is about acknowledging that we are are human with our own unique approaches to coaching and being coached and it is great to find harmony and peace being able to open up to a coach you resonate with and trust. 


As with anything in life there are exceptions to every rule. If you feel you have made your investment from a clean place, you are remaining open to your thoughts and exploring the options by believing in the possibility for success, but you are still experiencing turmoil or resistance with your coach, it may be possible you need a different coach. Just like getting a hair cut, not every stylist delivers the same quality cut. I once tried to save a few bucks on a hair cut only to end up getting clipped twice with the scissors in one session. Another time I tried a new stylist and walked out with only one half of my hair cut, it was that bad. You have to know when you have done your best and when it is time to move on and find a coach that is capable and able to deliver as promised. 

Wondering if coaching is right for you?

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