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Becoming authentically you

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One of my favorite speakers is Jon Acuff. He combines humor with life principles and absolutely crushes his delivery. In one of his recent YouTube videos he said, “I’m breezy like Monica” and I just roared. 

Yes – I too am breezy just like Monica. 

Early in the Friends television series, uptight, hyper organized, Monica tried to suppress her natural tendencies to be more loose and carefree. She pushed against the grain but it was work, not natural progress. She was working outside of her skillset. She was trying to emulate others instead of being herself, and when she attempted to describe herself as breezy, her friends did not believe it. 

How often do you try to peg yourself into a pre-defined model of how things should be, instead of just embracing how things are, who you are, and stepping into your real authenticity? 

I myself have been caught in this trap one too many times. As a natural introvert, I have attempted to push my personal boundaries more to try and emulate more outgoing and charismatic people. That has abruptly ended each and every time because it drains too much of my energy. I’m not that person.  And the sooner I accepted that truth, the sooner I got to be satisfied and content being who I was designed to be. 

When I choose a platform for sharing my truth, I choose podcasting and blogging because I enjoy sitting down and spend time writing out my thoughts first. I craft the words together in a blog and then from the comfort of my home, typically with no makeup on, I get behind the microphone and share the post. It is natural to me, but it’s not off the cuff like other shows and that is okay because it works for my personality. 

As I went through life coach certification I was surrounded by other types of coaching personalities all the time. I saw some very bold outspoken coaches. I saw some more reserved, and investigative coaches. And then I found my voice, somewhere in the middle. 

But that was just how I saw it. Others experienced it differently and became different types of voices in the field. And that is the beauty of striving to be ourselves. 

Even in a crowded market,  we can stand out because we will resonate with the people who connect with us. 

Marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk says this, “One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating content for their personal brand is trying to oversell themselves because they think that’s what’s going to get people’s attention. Whether you’re a business coach or motivational speaker or artist, I think it’s much more fruitful to talk about your process than about the actual advice you “think” you should be giving them.”  Here’s the source to read the whole article (really good) 

Questions for reflection?

What value do you think your audience needs? 

How are you translating your efforts to demonstrate authentically without trying to mold yourself into a particular style or method? 

In what way can you show up this week to your audience to share from where you are? Not all the way crafted or perfected, but just real you, right now in the moment.

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