Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

You don’t have to take on someone else’s thoughts

As we go through life there will be times – sometimes more often than we desire – that others try to influence us by impressing their ideas upon us. Sometimes that is in the form of criticism, advice, direction, or suggestive language. They may or may not be qualified to even speak to us on the topic they are addressing, because sometimes people in our life just want to express their viewpoint. The fact of the matter is, this is a part of life. How we choose to respond, what we choose to make their expressed ideas mean, is where our power lies. You get to create your thoughts – which means that just because someone shares their viewpoint, it does not have to mean anything in your life. 

Listen to this episode as we explore a couple of examples of how you don’t have to take on someone else’s thoughts. 

Questions for reflection?

Think of a specific situation when someone shared unwanted feedback (whether positive or negative). What are you making it mean when they share their opinion with you?

How are you impacted when someone tells you something negative?

How about when someone shares something positive?

It may help you reflect with a particular case / instance in mind.

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