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Manifestation Works! How I Just Realized This In My Life And You Can Too. test

manifestation works! and how I just realized manifestation in my life

On Monday of this week, I launched a video series on my YouTube channel about manifestation. Creating this series on manifestation is never something I planned, because I didn’t see myself as someone who embraced manifestation as a real methodology. But all that changed when I realized in a big way how I had been manifesting for years but just not calling it that. 

I am a frugal person and I utilize second hand items whenever I can. But whereas it was a means of survival for her, it is a passion for me. I delight in being able to find an amazing deal and save money on a purchase. I enjoy something so much more knowing I got a remarkable steal on the item. One way I find such remarkable items is through yard or garage sales. 

Let me illustrate an example for you. I recently decided that I would like to set up my MacBook Pro laptop to an external monitor so I didn’t have to wear my glasses. If I was going to have an external monitor than I also needed an external keyboard and trackpad. Together I priced out all of these items and the total would have been $300-$400 if I bought them all brand new. Despite being able to afford it and even write it off as a business expense, I choose not to spend the money. I just set in my mind the intention that I would find them second hand. I believed without a doubt mind you, that I could and would acquire these without having to pay full price. 

I had a visual of what they looked like in my mind. I knew how they worked and functioned so I could imagine myself using them. And then I just waited. No big hurry. Within about a month of making this decision. I walked into the garage of a yard sale and there on the floor were about 15-20 televisions. This woman had closed down a bunch of rental properties and now had all these televisions to get rid of. She had them marked at $20 per television. I looked around and at first glance was unimpressed with my findings because I had a clear image in my mind of the type of TV I wanted to use as my monitor. And then I turned and sitting a different direction was the exact screen I wanted at the right size. $20. 

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After also acquiring some other items I had been desiring at this yard sale – I won’t go into that story here because I share that in the first video of the YouTube series – check the link in the show notes to watch. I went to another sale and met a man selling his external Mac keyboard and mouse. He told me he wasn’t using them and he offered them to me for $20 total. Another great deal! 

I had acquired everything I needed for a grand total of $40. About 10% of the estimated cost buying it new. 

Why do I share this? Because this is manifestation in action in a very practical way. But I didn’t realize that. The interesting thing is I have been practicing this method of acquiring things I need for years. I have even been teaching this practice to my child and showing him the power of patiently waiting for what you want to come to to you. 

I have used those words, but I didn’t call it manifesting your dreams, or manifestation or anything that felt woo woo to me. I had so many biases in my mind about what manifestation was, and all along I was doing it and didn’t even know. 

I share this because maybe you’re like me and you can find a really practical way you are using manifestation in your life? Or maybe you have had an aversion to the concept and this story can help you see how it could be possible? 

Either way, I think there is something amazing to learn here. We are capable of envisioning and creating what we want when we set our minds to it. 

And that means YOU! 

In the next episode, I’m going to share with you some action steps you can take to start manifesting – which simply means creating what you want – in your reality.  It all begins by believing it is possible. So that’s where we’ll pick up in the next podcast.

You can also jump over to YouTube and watch the video clips where I explain and offer multiple examples. Short, easy to consume videos. Y’all know my style. Join me there and subscribe so you don’t miss out.

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