Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Can you get uncomfortable in order to reach your goals

Uncomfortableness comes around when we push ourselves to change. When we challenge ourselves to grow, develop, face our fears, take on something new, etc. in order to achieve our big “impossible” goal. 

This isn’t anything out of the ordinary and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It is just your brain’s way of warding off the unknown, and protecting you from what feels scary. Your brain creates unease to scare you from moving towards the unknown. It is a protective reaction. Whoa! 

But if you are willing to embrace it, feel it and still keep moving forward, it will either:

  1. Increase in intensity to try and ward you off more 
  2. Dissipate and just become a part of your current reality 
  3. Become bearable or even comfortable as you get used to it 

Listen to this episode for how you can begin to get comfortable with uncomfortable strides towards your goals.

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