Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

My Painful Misdiagnosis – The lesson you can apply to your business

I have to be completely honest, I’m freaking out a bit here. 

First, there is the wrong diagnosis that has allowed whatever this is, to continue to grow and spread all over my face since I was taking the wrong medication and seeking the wrong treatments. 

Secondly, the length of time this has continued to be present on my face has increased the amount of physical pain I am experiencing and makes me wonder if there is going to be complications or lasting damage as a result. None of which inspires me. 

When I look at this as a learning experience, I am reminded of some direct correlations to growing our businesses. Please allow me to repurpose my physical drama into insight about choosing the right path for your business mission. 

When we look at what has gone wrong with my misdiagnosis we can call out four negative results. 

  1. The misdiagnosis has added to my pain and increased my complications. 
  2. The misdiagnosis has made things more challenging as I had been implementing action steps for the wrong disease 
  3. Things have taken longer than necessary. There is no way to know for sure, but given a proper diagnosis, the problem could have been resolved by now. 
  4. The misdiagnosis has challenged my spirit as I have become frustrated and drained of energy. 

Look at these four things in light of your business. When have you been misaligned with your goal or striving to take on a project that didn’t feel right for your business and it became a lingering struggle? 

I’ve also worked with clients who try to fit themselves into a particular style. They try to become like someone they admire and execute activities in their business in order to mimic that other person’s success. The tactics are good, the effort is valid, but the alignment is all off and so are their results. They have misdiagnosed their course of action and therefore everything they keep trying to do is frustrating and more challenging then it needs to be. 

Do you see this? 

Have you experienced this in your own life and business? 

We have to correctly diagnosis our skills, interests, and desires in line with our business goals. We have to maintain integrity with who we are and what we are capable of without trying to fit ourselves into another person’s persona or approach. 

Things will start to happen when you are taking the right action that aligns with your purpose. Things will feel on point. There will be progressive results and you will feel good about what you are doing when you have the right diagnosis for your business.

And I can hope the same will be true for healing my face with the right diagnosis in place.