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Are you willing to put yourself out there despite the judgment that may come?

Stefanie Edwards life coach

All it takes is a quick scroll of the internet to be reminded that no matter what you do someone will take offense, someone will poke fun of, and someone will be critical of how you show up. So if that’s the norm (which sadly that is the state of our society) why bother trying to be someone you’re not to impress? Why not just show up authentically you so you attract the people who do resonate with you? Forget about what the others think and how they cast judgment – that is on them, not you. 

This week I’ve been doing a five-day reflective study on judgment on my Facebook page and one of the biggest takeaways I can share with you now is that when you judge someone else, you are actually casting that judgment as a reflection of how you feel about yourself. One the one hand you might cast judgment about someone to temporarily make yourself feel better by picking on, accusing, or assessing that other person. This is all over the Internet right now after the republican national convention aired last night. Speakers had to bring the energy and share their message to what appeared to be an empty room while virtually broadcasting. That takes a unique element to speak with energy when you don’t have an audience to feed off of. Yet, today one of the most energetic and outspoken speakers of the event is being roasted online. People are making a mockery of her speech. Whether you agree with her message or not, is not the point. She got up and used her voice to share her message. She did it without being ashamed. She was confident and well-spoken. And now she is being criticized for speaking out. 

But I applaud her – just as I would applaud you – for being bold enough to stand up and share your message with authentic passion. It is not easy, whether you are taking a stake on national television or posting to your personal Facebook page, there is always the risk of negative feedback and criticism. You have to decide if it is worth it to you to show up and share your voice because you believe you have something worth sharing. 

So I ask you now, do you have a message you want to get out there? Is there something you desire to share, express, lead with, but you have held back out of fear of what others would think? How they would respond or react? 

That is one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome when becoming an entrepreneur. When you are the face of the company, when it is your voice front and center, it can shake you at the core. Will you let it shake you and stop you from showing up or will it shake you and bounce back with my strength?

For me, it took coaching to explore how I was worrying about the judgment of others. How I was hiding behind my fear of expressing my message. And I also had to take it another level deeper and work on how my message was authentic to myself versus feeling that I had to show up a certain way to be accepted. 

Tough work, but it was so valuable and has helped me to move forward so much. 

Here I am recording podcast #31 and I am grateful for you listening and sharing. The podcast stats continue to rise each week with an increased number of downloads. And my promise to you is that I am going to work on raising my standard, recording more episodes that are authentically my voice and mission, sharing the why behind what I do, and how I believe it can help you. I am in a service-based industry, I am here to be of value,  that would be almost impossible to do if I was afraid of showing up and sharing my voice with you. 

Think about how you are showing up in your space. Is it enough? Or do you need to show up stronger moving forward? 

If you want to chat about what that would like for you and how you can move past worrying what other people will think when you do show up, connect with me at and click the Reserve a free session button at the top of the page.

Until then, I will continue to press on, being faithful to my mission of serving women who desire to live their best life and leave an amazing legacy.