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Is coaching an expense or an investment?

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

Is coaching an expense or an investment? 

Here’s how you can tell the difference in your life and have a clear indication if you are ready to sign up for coaching. 

Have you ever stopped to think about the difference between an expense and an investment?

An expense is something that costs you money.

An investment is something you want to spend on. 

An expense can be a spur of the moment decision or a charge you are forced into making. Think buying new shoes as a spur of the moment. And think putting on a new roof as a charge you are forced in to. 

An investment is often a thoughtful consideration. You take the time to review the options and make sure it “feels right” before spending your money. 

An expense is more likely to be something that doesn’t earn you extra income. It may have a lasting purpose (like the roof) but you don’t make money off of it. It is just money that was used and all you got out of it was the product itself. 

An investment is something that feels valuable, worthwhile, and you believe will appreciate and give us a return for our money spent. 

Put that in the perspective of hiring a life coaching. 

Coaching is an expense for you if you are thinking of coaching in relation to the money spent. If this is the case, you are not ready for coaching. You are still thinking of it in correlation to a tangible product – something you can touch and feel and show off to others. 

Now let’s look at it from the perspective of investing in coaching. When you make an investment in coaching you see value in your purchase both now and for your future. You believe that your willingness to spend money on yourself now will yield you a greater outcome later. 

When I first heard about coaching I squawked big time at the price of coaching. I could not wrap my head around spending money on myself in that way. There were just all these other things (expenses) that I “needed” and I had to save my money for those. Sure one day, I hoped to hire a coach, but because I truly didn’t have a grasp of how coaching would benefit me and I most definitely did not see the value it would bring me in the long run. I could only see the price tag. 

Now fast forward to earlier this year when I not only believed in the value of coaching but I was willing and ready to make an investment.  Technically I was spending money, but it was not an expense for me. It was an investment in my life currently, in my future, and in my business. I fully believed that all three things were not only a possibility but a smart way to spend my money. 

In a matter of six months, I spent $18,000 on coaching. More than I had ever spent on anything outside of graduate school and my house. In fact, the most expensive vehicle I have ever owned only cost me $15,000. 

But I didn’t have a moment’s regret in making the decision. And throughout the amazing six months, I spent in the coaching program, I often caught myself thinking, if I ended right now I know I got my $18,000 worth and then some. Or another thought that came up for me was, “I would gladly spend this amount of money again.” 

And as an added bonus to making a wise investment in myself,  I also learned a great deal about myself and what is possible. Like the fact that I did not have $18,000 to spend on coaching in the beginning. I had $3,000 in savings and I spent that as my first month’s payment. Then I proceeded to find ways to earn extra income and make an additional $3,000 per month to afford my monthly payment. 

Do you hear what I am saying to you? I said yes to the investment and then I figured out how to make the money to make it possible. The money I was able to make came because I believed in my investment. I couldn’t imagine it going away so I was willing to do whatever it took to make my monthly payment. And I did. 

And coming to the end of that six months feels amazing. 

  • I proved to myself what was possible through my coaching work and through my ability to up-level and create new income that wasn’t there before. 
  • I provide to myself that I was capable of greater things and bigger possibilities than I was willing to believe about myself when I started out. 
  • I grew as a woman and as a leader as I learned to work through the issues that were holding me back previously. Now when those negative thoughts creep up and I start to doubt myself, I have the tools to tackle them to the ground and get back up again. 
  • I have new friends and acquaintances who get the journey I am on and I enjoy talking to them about my new experiences and insights. It is so much fun to talk about what is possible in life. 

So I challenge you to stop and think about how do you view hiring a life coach? Do you think of it as a costly expense or do you think of it as an invaluable investment you are energized to spend money on? 

Answering that question will give you a clear distinction as to whether or not you are ready to hire a life coach for your life. 

I went all-in on what I believed to be the best coach certification program in the industry. And I am glad I did because it did not disappoint. And now I have the tools, the confidence, and the ability to serve my clients in new ways. And the good news for you is that unlike my $3,000 per month investment, it will only cost you $3,000 one time for six entire months of coaching. 

Coaching personalized to meet your needs. Coaching that helps you overcome your holdups and setbacks to become the best version of yourself – the version of yourself capable of amazing things. 

So if you’re ready to go all-in on for yourself and invest in one of the greatest returns you’ll ever experience, reach out to me and I’ll send you a PayPal link to get started. $3,000 for weekly one hour private sessions for an entire six months. Amazing value. 

Until next time, I’m wishing you the very best for your lasting success. Here’s an interesting view of money habits.