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Are you worth the investment?

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

Fair warning – for just a moment I am going to talk about Facebook ads. Not as a strategy but as an example. So hang with me, this conversation is going somewhere good, but first, let me illustrate my point. 

In the marketing, field entrepreneurs talk a lot about the return on investment they get from running Facebook ads in the past few years. How the input of $1 outputs $2 and $3 in return on investment. That’s a sure-fire way to grow your business – making back your initial investment but also doubling and tripling your return. Even if you’re not good at math that feels like a pretty smart investment worthy of your attention. 

And yet, there are plenty of businesses that won’t invest in Facebook ads. They don’t believe the claims, they don’t want to risk the money, they are afraid of figuring it out,  etc. And they go about their business without making that type of investment. That’s fine – no judgment on not wanting to try something new – it’s not for everyone but there are plenty of people to swear by the effectiveness and impact of running Facebook ads. Or YouTube advertising, Google Ad Words, whatever your marketing jam. 

And here’s the parallel I am trying to make for you. Investing in coaching is a sure deal. Even more than Facebook ads. It is extremely transformative and will yield you an exceptional return. Far more than just doubling your initial investment. 
But despite the impact of really great life coaching (like the way I help my clients) there are many people who do not feel worthy of the investment. They don’t feel they need the help, they don’t want the help, they have been burned by another coach, they have a preconceived idea about what it is and aren’t interested, or they truly just don’t feel worthy of investing in themselves and that freaks them out that they would spend money on themselves. 

There are usually two reasons why someone doesn’t want to invest in themselves

  1. They are afraid they are so broken/messed up / an anomaly that life coaching won’t be able to help them
  2. They are living with self-doubt and can’t believe they are capable of making the change.

Both stem from the underlying diagnosis – they don’t feel worthy of the investment. Spending their hard-earned income on themselves does not feel like a sure deal. 
In the last episode, I told you I spent $18,000 to go through a year-long training process to become a certified life coach. When I choose to make that investment, a part of me was putting my faith in the school to deliver $18,000 worth of services. But the other part – which quickly grew into the largest part – was putting the faith in myself – believing I was worthy of this investment – that I deserved to have this money spent on me because I am capable of doing great things. I wanted to move forward and see what I could do if I applied myself. And the more I learned, and grew, and improved the more I found my investment steadily multiplying. I was only about a month into the training – have my mind pushed to new boundaries and starting to realize where my pain was coming from that I realized if I stopped now, I had received my money’s worth. 
You know what made that determination? Not the school. Not the investment itself. My thoughts about what I found valuable and how I deemed the worth was assessed. It was all in my own thoughts about my value earned that I believed this was an amazing return on investment. 

So I ask you, are you worthy of investing in? 

Do you believe you are capable of earning your investment back double, triple, even 10 fold on what you pay to hire a life coach? 
These are the questions you have to answer for yourself and feel confident in – even if you’re still a little timid or afraid – that’s okay. Lean in to following your belief in yourself first and then take the kind of action that proves to yourself you are worth it. 
That’s great advice for anything in life. Don’t settle for things in life because you doubt your worth. Believe you are worthy and then claim a life that is evidence of that belief. 

  • Believing you are worthy of love means you will have amazing relationships – you won’t settle for abuse or neglect. 
  • Believing you are worthy of respect means you won’t let someone talk down to you and belittle your capability. 
  • Believing you are worthy of earning more means you will stop settling for low paying jobs and thinking that is the only thing available. You will discover new possibilities because you are worthy of having new opportunities. 
  • Believing you are enough just because you say you are not because of what other people think of you – whether or not they like you. 

Go out there and believe in yourself and believe you are worthy of investing in yourself – in whatever way that comes up in life – in work, relationships, good food, vacations, coaching, etc. 

And if you need help claiming that believe for yourself and seeing your worth, join me on a zoom call. I’ll serve as your mirror to show you what’s going on in your mind and we’ll help you see what’s holding you back from being all-in on believing in yourself. That’s where it has to start my friend. 

Send me an email at Ask to experience the mirror effect and give me a couple of times that work for you. That’s it. I’ll take it from there and get back with you to book your session.