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The Two Things You Need to Have in Order to Take Action

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

In order for you to take action and actually do the things you want to do in life, there are two elements that have to be in place in your life. 

  1. You have to believe you are capable of doing the desired course of action 
    1. You have the skills / ability / gift 
    2. You have confidence in your experience 
  2. You feel empowered to take action 
    1. Empowerment stems from your belief that you have the power to do something. You have the authority to show up like this in your life. 

This is a part of the reason I created the ACE Method for my clients.

ACE stands for Acceptance / Clarity / Empowerment. Once you have acceptance for what is in your life and what you are in control of you can develop clarity for how you want to move forward and take action which means you are ready to work on the final step of feeling empowered and capable to do so. 

I worked with a client recently who could believe in their ability to do something, had past evidence of having done the things, and seeing how fruitful it was, but after a situation happened that shook their confidence and broke their spirit, they felt incapable of tapping into their power again. They actually blamed their past actions as being the root of why this bad situation had happened in their life. 

So no matter how much this person believed they were capable of doing something, they were never able to take action because they didn’t feel empowered to do so. 

They had also not conquered the first two steps of accepting what had happened and coming to terms with where their power was in that situation. So there was no clarity about how to move forward in life. No clarity = no vision = no purpose = no drive to action = no results in life. 

Just a meaningless, wasted existence. Seriously this is a problem that has to stop. This is a part of my mission in life is to serve as a life coach to help people see how they are causing their own lives to come to an abrupt halt because of something they believe about themselves. 

I cannot stress this enough. It is your thoughts about yourself and your life that determine how you are going to show up and what you are going to do.

If you think you are unworthy. You will be. 

If you think you are incapable. You’ll prove yourself right.  

If you think you can’t. You won’t. 

If you think it’s not possible. The odds will be stacked against you.

And if you think things should be different, they never will be. You’ll just remain stuck in the past wishing things could change. 

Multiple studies have been done proving that the brain – in all its majestic greatness, is naturally programmed to play things on repeat. It takes less energy to repeat a thought that’s already in existence. So to keep it simple, the brain grabs easy-to-reach thoughts – most of which are pointless or negative. Why? Because it takes more effort to create an empowering thought. It takes a deeper level of thinking to build up confidence and turn a thought into motivation. 

So your brain is just playing these doubtful, unworthy thoughts on repeat and because you haven’t yet trained yourself on how to control your brain, you are believing the messages. You are allowing yourself to dwell on the negative thoughts instead of knowing how to create new thoughts. 

I see this over and over on mirroring sessions. These are the free exploration calls I offer to people interested in coaching. I serve as a mirror to show them their thoughts. I ask them some questions to get the conversation rolling and then that sets the stage for me to investigate their mind and explore what’s going on in there. No judgment, just curious exploration. I am like an archeologist unearthing the thoughts that are hurting them. 

We discover shame, regret, sorrow, blame, unworthiness, scarcity, fear, dread, and lots of disempowering thoughts. 

And the unique thing I want to share with you. The people I am meeting are not what you would consider visibly broken people. I don’t work with the severely depressed or suicidal individuals. I believe they are best served with medical professionals. I am working with people a lot like you, people still doing their jobs, showing up in life, still smiling and telling others they are fine, but deep inside there is something missing. When they are by themselves they feel really alone. They don’t like who they are. They don’t like feeling trapped or stuck. They don’t like failing at something in life or not reaching yet another goal. The do or even used to think there should be more in life but they have no idea how to get there. They have read self-help books, attended a conference, or subscribed to encouraging blogs, but nothing has seemed to help. 

Sound familiar? 

It’s how I could have described myself just a couple of years ago. I’d smile and I’d do good work for others and my job but I wasn’t doing amazing stuff for myself. I always felt like there was more I should be doing but I couldn’t quite tap into what it was supposed to be because I didn’t believe in myself to do it. I told people I was fine, that was my default description and I would describe myself as a relatively positive person. But there was something missing. 

Learning how to tap into my brain and take control of my thoughts transformed my life. Applying the ACE Method has helped me move from indecision to clarity. Has helped me be at peace with what is out of my control and take power over what is within my power. And continue to work on my mind, has allowed me to believe I am capable and powerful enough to go do amazing things in the world and step into my purpose for existing in this world. 

This week I am excited to announce the release of the new Facebook Group – Create Your Legacy. Look it up and join along as we have fun exploring our worth, our purpose for living, and how to create more in life.