Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

The Reward of Setting a Goal – even if you don’t hit it

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

A month ago I set a goal for my business and shared it with my accountability group. It was a goal that was obtainable but definitely challenging. It would cause me to have to uplevel myself and figure out how to do so. It was a big goal that made me gulp at the possibility of what that would mean for me to hit that marker. 

And that is how I believe a goal should be set. If we set goals that we know are within our reach 100% of the time, we aren’t challenging ourselves out of our comfort zone. Do you see that? 

If I say I will do one sit up every day this week, that’s hardly a challenge. Most people can manage to do one sit up. And a goal should never be what you can just manage to do on a normal basis. A goal should cause you to have to dig down in yourself to figure it out and come up with the strength and determination to make it happen. 

The goal I set gave me one month to complete. It was a new level of success for me and it was something I did not have a clear answer for how I was going to get it done. 

So what were my results? 

In the simplest of terms, I did not achieve my goal. 

But I did figure out how to make it possible. And now I know that if I work this plan moving forward, I can hit the mark. 

I just got done journaling my results from the last month. All the things I did to try and hit my goal. All the shifts I made in my thinking, my business model, and my actions. And y’all it is amazing to look back and how much has happened and what has shifted since I made this goal. 

All of this is amazing goodness that will make me stronger moving forward and help me build a solid framework for future growth. 

I am excited about the possibilities moving from here. I am going to keep the same goal and give myself another month to achieve it. Now with my new insights, protocols, and actions in place, I can see clearly how I can achieve it. 

So I challenge you to look at what you have going on in your life – or what you wish you had. What goal do you want to set for yourself that pushes you out of your comfort zone? What is the goal that makes you question how it is possible and leaves you a little nervous about your ability to achieve it? 

That nervous energy is good. It makes you question what is and explore what is possible. Tap into it and explore what ideas your brain creates when you push it to come up with a solution. Then you can take those ideas and pick the one that seems the best to you and keep exploring, keep learning, keep applying until you see if it if works. 

Here’s the thing with my goal. I started off a month ago with almost an entirely different business model. I have simplified and removed what was complicated and long-term from my business. I have created more direct and short-term actions that will help me move forward faster. 

I have worked on my thoughts about all of this getting coaching along the way because there have been multiple times my brain started freaking out over the changes. I have had two big epiphany moments this month in which these breakthroughs have transformed how I think and view myself and my business. Those were really awesome moments and I have relished in them and experienced how they feel so I can capture that energy moving forward.

Nothing was wasted this month. I stayed focused because I was striving after that big goal. That’s another great benefit of setting goals – they give you something to work towards. 

What is the date you will mark on your calendar for when you will hit your goal? You have to set a date. Leaving a goal open-ended removes the accountability and the driving force that will help you move forward. Set a date and then make your date public. Write it on the calendar so you see it. Set reminders for yourself and benchmarks to check in with your progress. Tell it to someone, hopefully, an accountability partner, who can ask you how things are going and challenge you to stay the course. 

The last thing I will encourage you to do when setting your goal is to journal about your experience. It is an enjoyable process to look back and read what was on your mind at the start of the process. To look back and see what you thought was going to be so hard and what you still had to learn. It will allow you a glimpse into how your mind works and what you believe about yourself and that alone is an amazing gift. 

So what is your goal going to be? 

Join the new Facebook group and share your goal with us. We’d love to hear what you are working towards and how we can cheer you on. And as a part of the Facebook group, we are studying the book “The Miracle Morning” in the month of October to help us set up our mornings with clarity, focus, and fuel to drive the rest of our day forward. As the one organizing the book challenge, I can tell you it is going to be so fun watching how much you grow and transform from this month’s challenge. 

The challenge every month is always two-fold. One you practice learning to keep your word to yourself by honoring your commitment to read the book. And two, you grow as a person and get more wisdom and strength by committing to take action on what the book advises. We work together as a group to do what we learn in the books we read. Imagine that novel concept!

Strengthen your ability to keep your word to yourself through the simple practice of reading and applying books in your life. 

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