Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Are you ready to try on some new thoughts?

Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Think of trying on new thoughts just like trying on clothes. Sometimes you walk into the dressing room and are so blown away by the outfit you don’t even want to take it off. Do you know what I mean? I have walked up to the checkout counter before and asked them to scan an item I am wearing because I am so attached to it. At other times, I like something but not enough to spend my money on it. Somethings just not right, and I am willing to wait and see if I still want it later. And at other times it doesn’t fit or look right so it is a definite no. 

You have probably experienced a shopping experience like this. You know what this is like standing in front of the mirror. Now do this as you consider new thoughts. 

Even now as you are listening to this podcast about testing out different thoughts, you can try this on and see how you like it. Are you open to the possibility or do you feel like you are right where you need to be and no change is necessary?

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