Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Struggling to find your “voice”?

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

I want to challenge you to take a look at what is holding you back and why you can’t move forward with growing your coaching practice because you haven’t yet found your voice as a coach.  ​

​Here are three reasons you might find it challenging: ​ ​

1. You are struggling to believe in yourself and the value you have to offer – so you struggle to find your voice because you are not confident. ​

​2. You struggle because you are wrapped up in indecision about your voice because it allows you to hang back and pace yourself before you have to move forward to put yourself out there publicly. ​ ​

3. You are imposing someone else’s model on yourself – telling you it has to be a particular way / direction and this doesn’t feel authentic to you. Possibly this is showing up in a way in which you are trying mimic how someone else does it and you are trying to replicate their process and style. Or you have bought into a program or trainer who is telling you to do it a particular way and that doesn’t resonate with you but you are concerned about not getting your value out of the program so you force yourself to keep doing it this way. ​

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