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Does showing up for work suck the life right out of you? 

Does showing up for work suck the life right out of you? 

Do you wish there was more for you? 

It’s not too late to make a change. In fact, I encourage you to do, but first, take time to know why you want the change in your life. 

Why do you want that for YOU?

  • Not because someone else encouraged you 
  • Not because someone said you couldn’t
  • Not because your 12-year-old self wanted it 

But because YOU right now in the moment – want this for yourself? 

What is the reason driving your desire?

That is your WHY

And that WHY is a bigger motivation than earning the title, the role, the income, or even the outcome. 

I thought about earning my Ph.D. But then I realized I didn’t care for the reason. Just having students call me Dr. Edwards, does not get me excited to go do four more years of tedious schooling. In fact, I get students accidentally calling me Dr. Edwards sometimes and it doesn’t inflate my self-esteem anymore like it used to. 

The whole idea of being that academically accomplished used to motivate me. But now that I have matured and changed in different ways I no longer look at it the same way. And that’s okay because I am solid with that reason. 

So long as you know the reason why you are doing something and you also like the reason, you can move forward with confidence. 

It is when we don’t know why we are on a certain path and it feels confusing, ridiculous, or impossible to us, that we create resistance to living it out in our lives. 

It is also when we don’t like the reason – as in someone else directing our path or we are doing something to please someone – we feel resentment. 

I want you to feel the biggest, most amazing life possible for yourself. And that means you need to connect back to you WHY and like your reason. 

What is your current driving force? Why? 

My #1 priority in my career is no longer serving as a professor. It is something I still do but it is not my highest calling or where I self-identify the most. Instead, my gift of teaching used through coaching is much more in alignment with who I am now. And that is different than it was even two years ago. That’s why I shared that my perspective on earning my doctorate has changed. 

Now that my #1 priority is serving as a life coach – more specifically as a marketing coach helping new coaches and business owners find their confidence and focus to simplistically launch their business quickly – I am able to acknowledge my WHY. 

My why is to use my 20 years of marketing experience to make this process easier for others. It is to help them coach through their mind drama so they don’t get caught up in indecision and overwhelm. It is to support them through finding their voice and confidence to put themselves out there and start making offers. And I love that why. 

It aligns with who I am personally and professionally. It gives me a great reward as I create value in the world that I enjoy doing. And it brings me great joy delivering it in a unique way that expedites the process for people. 

That is why it is no longer necessary for me to go back to school for a Ph.D. 

That is why I no longer think the coolest way for people to address me is Dr. Edwards. 

Instead, I think someone honoring me by calling me their coach, the person who helped them launch their business, is the greatest label I can hold for myself. 

I challenge you to explore why you want what you do and make sure you have refreshed your perspective so it is currently aligned with who you are and your desires. Make sure you like the reason and explore any areas of hesitation or resistance that come up for you. 

And then go out there and start living it out in your life. Be the best version of yourself and crush it! Because you are worth it! Create a life you are excited to live! 

I interviewed realtor Sam Skaskal – the funny realtor who laughed at herself hysterically after falling down while giving a tour with a new client. The video went viral as people reacted to her infectious laugh. She was laughing at herself and she was okay with that because she was confident in who she was. 

The thing you don’t know watching this video is that less than a year earlier, Sam got to a point in her life and career where she was sick of her job. She didn’t enjoy it. She didn’t enjoy spending hours in a cubicle with no window. She didn’t enjoy leaving her precious children to work in this career. She had willingly taken the job years prior, but now it no longer aligned with who she was and what she wanted for her life. So she worked on her thoughts and made the decision to shift her entire career. She stepped out of a regular paying job and moved into a commission-based job in a new industry. She became a realtor and now she loves what she gets to do day in and day out – even through embarrassing situations. 

But if she hadn’t of taken the time to evaluate where she was in life and connect with her why she might still be clocking in day in and day out at a job she hated. Some people call it a mid-life crisis when you make a shift in your career or take on a new challenge that no one else understands. And true there are crazy examples out there, but in cases like what Sam has done, what I have done, and what you can too, this is just about acknowledging how you have changed in life, how you have matured and become a new version of yourself that desires something else, something more and isn’t going to let fear hold you back from going after this new desire. 

I hope you will challenge yourself to explore areas where you are living a mediocre existence that doesn’t bring joy, and how you could open yourself up to new possibilities that align with your interests and passions. 

That’s what makes life fun. That’s what makes a job just labor to energizing. 

Until next time, I wish you the very best for your business success! 

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