Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Why her video went viral – as millions connected to her laughter

In today’s special podcast, I interview realtor Sam Staskal who recently shared a video of her laughing at herself over an embarrassing situation. The video went viral for so many reasons because of the connection people felt when watching. 

In our raw conversation, Sam shares about the experience of laughing in the moment, what it has been like connecting with others through this viral video, and how she keeps a positive outlook even through her struggle with depression.

We dive into some powerfully honest topics such as:

  • Addressing body image issues — related to being overweight 
  • Responding to negative comments from haters on the Internet 
  • Moving past the fear of rejection 
  • Focusing on the positive no matter the circumstances 
  • Shifting your perspective to take on new challenges & roles 
  • The power of smiling and laughing 

Listen in for a conversation that will enrich your day and have you laughing along with Sam and me. 

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