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Why I jumped out of an airplane to give up on worry

Stefanie Edwards Life and Marketing Coach

Indulgent emotions often feel familiar or “true” because we embrace them and welcome them into our live quite frequently. They become a regular part of our way of thinking and we start to accept them as just the way things are.

Let’s take confusion over making a decision as an example. To be more specific let’s say you are confused about which niche to take to grow your coaching business. 

Confusion seems like something we just have or even that it’s a part of our journey – vs. accepting that we don’t have to indulge in confusion. Just like we don’t have to indulge in another glass of wine or bowl of ice cream. We get to decide what we consume – whether that is what we eat or what we think. 

That’s a mic drop, folks! 

Indulgent emotions are to our brains and attitudes exactly what overeating or committing another habit (overdrinking, oversmoking, etc.) is to our physical bodies and sensations. 

But just like over drinking brings a headache and groggy feeling the next day and overeating makes you feel bloated and exhausted, indulgent emotions make you feel inadequate because they leave you stuck. You don’t move forward in the way you wish you could. 

Going back to the act of confusion, it leaves us uncertain, scared, out of control – and we indulge in the confusion because we say we don’t know how to move forward to make a decision. 

Indulgent emotions — we don’t break up with them because we want to manipulate a reality that gives us exactly what we want — without requiring ourselves to own up and take responsibility for how we want to feel. 

Your indulgent emotion blocks you from experiencing the result you want. Indulgent emotions keep us stuck and unable to move forward.

How will you challenge your indulgent emotions so they don’t keep you stuck? 

  1. Identify which emotions you are indulging in
  2. Examine why you indulge 
  3. Decide if you would like to stop and move forward
  4. Create a plan of action to prevent further indulgence from holding you back 

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