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Challenge how you think about yourself

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Recently I was on a coaching session for myself, when I told my coach “I struggle with indecision. I get caught up in indecision and struggle to take action.”

Yes! This can still happen to you even when you are actively being coached. Because we are all works in progress. The amazing thing that came out of opening up and sharing this during my coaching session, what how it revealed what I thought about myself. 

I was describing my struggle as a statement of fact. I was saying it like I would tell you that I am a woman. I am tall. I have brown eyes. I was telling her that I am just someone who gets caught up in indecision. 

Y’all this is not a personality trait that I want to make a fact of my existence. That was the first thing coaching on this topic did for me. It helped me discover how I was defining indecision in my life. Secondly, we explored the topic further and it allowed me to decide consciously how I did want to think about myself. 

Because when you take control of your thoughts – you have the power to decide what you think instead of allowing your subconscious to determine your course of action. So for me, I wanted to stop thinking of myself as someone who gives into indecision. That is not how I want to define myself. Instead, I want to think of myself as someone who has the intelligence and confidence to make a decision and move forward. My goal on top of that is to be the woman who takes massive action. So then I spent some time with my coach breaking down what that means for me. Why? Because it helped me strengthen my new belief and see how it was possible for me to connect with it. 

What about you? 

What are you saying about yourself that you don’t even realize you are accepting as fact? 

Maybe some independent reflection will help you discover what you’re saying, but I challenge you to explore how a coaching session can help you hear the things you are saying that you don’t hear for yourself. 

This happens to people all the time. We just say things as fact. And sometimes on our own, it can be challenging to pick up on those instances and call them out. 

That’s the beauty of life coaching. Just like working with a swim coach can help you improve your technique and make swimming easier and more effective. At least that’s how it worked for me. I thought I was swimming great until I started working with a coach and discovered how hard I had been making in on myself. No wonder I could never swim long distances. After making the modifications and necessary improvements my behavior and the way I thought of myself as a swimmer transformed. 

It happens all the time in coaching related to our bodies, to our athletic performance, to our jobs, so why not for your personal life and mindset? 

This is the root and foundation of everything else you do in life. Doesn’t it make sense to spend time working through your beliefs about yourself and crafting the best version of yourself possible?  

Connect with me on Instagram if you haven’t already. I am creating IG Reels that challenge you to think about your life. I dropping short bursts of value in challenge questions, thought-provoking ideas, and coaching nuggets. It is the ideal way to give yourself 30 seconds of mental work for the day. That’s an easy commitment you can give yourself and then you can work on building up your ability to sit with your thoughts and digest how you think about yourself. 

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