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Just like you can’t smell your own breath…

Stefanie Edwards Life Coaching

Despite the fact that your nose sits right above your mouth, most of the time, you cannot smell your own breath. Someone else can come near you and immediately smell if your breath is foul, but you can’t pick up on it on your own. 

I find this so interesting. 

And it relates so well to how you process your own thoughts about yourself and the things going on in your life. 

Just like your nose to your mouth, you are so close to your own thoughts that you can’t even discern them with clear objectivity. 

Whereas you can often see clearly to support and encourage someone else, you can’t seem to treat yourself with the same compassion. 

Whereas you think there are no other options, and you are just stuck, when in fact there are multiple possibilities but you’re too close to your own thoughts to see it any other way. 

This is the power of life coaching with me. It lets you see your thoughts clearly and offer yourself some fresh perspective. 

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