Stefanie Edwards Marketing Coach

Trying to change others to make myself feel better

Stefanie Edwards Life Coach

The only person I ever can control is me. 

I know this. I share this with my clients. Yet, in my role as a mother, I somehow blocked this from my knowledge.

I had to come back to realizing that my children cannot give me what I need. Good or bad. 
I must be responsible for creating what I need for my life. I am the one who creates my peace of mind. I am the one who decides to be calm and collected. I am the one in control of myself. 

For all the positive attributes. I am the one in control. 

  • My thoughts
  • My emotions
  • My well-being 
  • My peace 
  • My confidence 
  • My joy 
  • My beliefs 
  • My creativity 

For all my negative attributes. I am the one in control. 

  • My triggers 
  • My rage
  • My frustrations 
  • My annoyances 
  • My limitations 
  • My struggles
  • My sins
  • My inability to focus 

It is not what my children do that takes away from or adds to my control. It is how I choose to respond to what they do and what I make it mean in my life. 

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